You Can't Choose Your Parents

The online photo journal of Pippa Hope Davies, age 6 months

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Last weekend I went on holiday. I've been on lots of holidays already - Centerparcs with Grandma and Granddad Davies, London when I was 6 weeks old, Christmas holidays in Bath and Scunthorpe and when i was smaller i stayed in Edinburgh a few times. This time was different, Mum and Dad were not there - I went away without them! It was Mums birthday and Dad took her away for the weekend. I went to Grandma and Granddad Macs.

Great-Grandma Miller, Auntie Kate and Uncle Dan all came to see me.

Granddad read to me, Uncle Dan played with me and Grandma helped me to walk

Granddad and I were tired out by all the playing!

I had a lovely time on my holiday but Mummy and Daddy missed me lots and I missed them too! Thankyou Grandma and Granddad for playing with me and looking after me.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


This week Uncle Daniel and Auntie Katie came to visit me. Mummy and Daddy put us all in the car and we went to Glencoe for the day. You might not know this, but in February 1692, my ancestors the MacDonald clan (mummy's family name - give or take an 'a'!) generously had the Campbell clan over for dinner, a game of cards and to stay the night. The next morning - the 13th of February 1692, about a hundred MacDonalds, incuding women and children, were killed at Glencoe by the nasty Campbells. Boo! Nevertheless, it's a lovely place. We had some fun for the day...

Uncle Daniel took me sky diving

We went for a little walk,
which i found very tiring.

Uncle Dan and Auntie Kate were a bit faster than me!

Video 5

This is my new trick... Cool hey?


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Portrait 6

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First Christmas

I know that it is February, but I've been very busy growing and learning new tricks. I thought you may like to see what I got up to at Christmas.
Christmas was fun, I got lots of new toys and books. Thankyou.
Great Grandma Mac helped me open a present.
Uncle Dan and Auntie Kate played with me. "Give me my teddy back, Uncle Dan!"
This is me with my cousins Daniel and Abi

But I'm glad it only comes around once a year, I'm exhausted!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Ok, I know I opened it early but this is my favourite Christmas present so far (ok ok, it's my first Christmas present of my first Christmas, but you get the point!). It's called a Bumbo seat - and it means I can sit up on my own - and sit anywhere...

like joining Mum and Dad for dinner...

Or helping Mum with the washing... oooooh... spinny thing...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Food and Drink

Ok this is exciting - I just found out there is MORE to eat than just milk! I had my first solid (ish) food the other day. It's nothing exciting - but I get the feeling there might be more fabulous things to come.

There's a bit of a knack to eating off a spoon, and I have to confess there's a fair amount landing on the bib at the moment, but I'll get the hang of it soon.

Also, Dad showed me something called "beer". He seems to like the stuff, but I couldn't work out how to get it out - there's no teat on the bottle and no matter how hard I sucked nothing came. I will have to watch Daddy carefully next time...


Thought I should share these photos to prove that I went in the biggest bath in the world while I was on holiday. Mum and Dad bought me this funny inflatable ring to bob around in, but I had a go at freestyle swimming too. I had a good time. Not sure about the going underwater part though.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Portrait 5

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Video 4

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've been studying - Dad's got me on an intensive language course, so that I can speak before Christmas! Have a look at this video of me performing some of my new sounds!

  • Wednesday, October 11, 2006


    This is an exciting photo. It's me with my Mum, my Grandma and my Great-Grandma. Four generations of ladies were staying at my house tonight! My Dad took the picture. Then he went out for a drink. Don't know why.

    Friday, October 06, 2006


    This is a picture of me being a little sad. The reason I am sad in the picture is because Hannah just poked me in the face, but that's nothing compared to what Mummy did to me the other day. She held me down while two nasty ladies stuck needles in my legs. I was not a happy bunny. Mum says it's to make me healthy, but I'm not sure about that. Anything healthy shouldn't hurt so much. :(


    I went to see the rest of my family last weekend. It was so great - I got to hang out with my three cousins - Daniel, Abi and Hannah. Uncle Phil, Auntie Clare, Auntie Jo and Uncle Mark were all there too. And of course Grandma and Grandad D. It was great - I got lots of cuddles! But as you can see in this picture, I was quite tired out by the end of it!
    One other exciting thing was that Grandma and Grandad bought me a beanbag to sit in. It's really comfortable - except when my cousin tries to roll me up in it!

    Sunday, September 17, 2006


    I was dedicated this morning. I'm not totally sure what that means, but from what everyone was saying it looks like it was about Mum and Dad making promises that they'll pray for me and bring me up to love God.

    Pastor Keith prayed for me and for Mum and Dad, and all the church agreed with him. He said that he thought I was going to be the kind of person that lights up the room when they walk in. I thought that was really nice (but don't I do that already?). Someone else said they believed I was going to turn into a person who is a friend of God. That was cool. All in all it was a very special day.
    Grandma and Grandad Mac were there, and so were Uncle Daniel and Aunty Katie. I also have some other important people in my life now too. Mark, Karen and Caroline are now my Godparents - which means they are the ones I can go to for advice later on when my parents are a little too weird. Oh dear.

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Video 3

    This is me smiling for Mum and Dad, but who knows what I'm really thinking about!

  • Friday, September 08, 2006


    Mum and Dad have finally got their new sofa. It's lovely, and it turns into a big bed for when people want to come and visit me. Anyone is welcome to come and try it out - but you might want to check with Mum and Dad first since they seem to be a little bit protective of it at the moment. Maybe that's my fault actually. It arrived on Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday evening I had puked on it. :) oops!

    I got my own new thing too - a great big ring with toys on it for me to play in. I can't quite work the toys out yet, so mainly I just lie there and gurgle. But I'll get the hang of it soon!

    Portrait 4

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    Tuesday, August 22, 2006


    Some of you might have heard that I was back in hospital last night. There's nothing to worry about - my weight has been going down since I was there last time, and the reason seems to be that I wasn't getting enough grub. Mum and Dad are now getting some extra food for me from ASDA (which is really nice actually) so I'm getting lots of top-ups on top of my usual meals. With all that eating come a couple of -ahem- natural side-effects. On the downside I seem to have developed the ability to produce enough poo to reach my ears (literally - just ask Dad). Sorry about that. On the upside I am actually starting to sleep more! Mum and Dad seem to be very happy with that part. All in all I think things are looking up.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006


    This is apparently the coolest dummy around. It has a teat that's supposed to move in and out and feel really natural. I think it's just another of Mum and Dad's attempts to make me look silly. Look at it - you can see right into my mouth! So undignified... mmm... dummy... [suck suck suck suck]

    Does my bum look big in this?

    Mum and Dad have started using my new nappies now. They're called TotsBots Fluffles and they got them from the very nice people at The Nappy Lady. They're lovely and soft and have cool little poppers to make them fit me nicely. The good news is that they are a) cheaper than disposables and b) better for the environment. The bad news is that they make my bum look enormous.

    To make this even worse I've also started topping up my dinner with snacks from a bottle, because apparently I'm not fat enough for my age. I must admit, it's a little odd to be having dinner with Dad, but I'm enjoying the extra food. I guess Mum and Dad know best but I can't help thinking they just want me to have a fat bum so that they'll start getting some attention again. After all, I am incredibly adorable, even with my gigantic pants.

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Video 2

    Here's a rather embarrassing one of me behaving in a very unladylike manner!

  • Shopping

    I went shopping with Mum and Dad yesterday to buy a nice outfit for a friend's wedding. Mum seemed to think this would be fun. I thought it was a bit boring to be honest! I did get some very cool shoes though - I'll show you them soon.

    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Portrait 3

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    There was a little girl,
    who had a little curl,
    right in the middle of her forehead.

    When she was good,
    she was very good indeed...

    ...but when she was bad she was horrid!

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Video 1

    I've launched a new feature on "You Can't Choose Your Parents" - videos! Now you can see what I'm up to in moving pictures as well as photos. Here's the first instalment - all future instalments will be available on the sidebar to the right...

    I think you'll find I look pretty good in this film - some of my best work...